Bricks, Pavers & Cladding by Timbercrete


What is Timbercrete?

  • Timbercrete is a multi-award winning and environmentally sustainable masonry building product.  We make bricks, pavers and cladding.
  • Bricks and cladding panels are typically large and light.  Construction alternatives include single skin blocks, pavers, veneer or double brick, and wall panels.
  • Our bricks have domestic, industrial, commercial and landscape applications.  

Why consider Bricks, Pavers and Cladding by Timbercrete?

  • Timbercrete’s thermal insulation properties out-perform many masonry products by up to 6 times.
  • It’s made from timber waste products and actually traps the carbon that would otherwise end up as greenhouse gas.
  • You save energy for heating and cooling, and each brick, paver and block takes a lot less energy to produce
  • Timbercrete has excellent sound absorption and acoustic qualities
  • Timbercrete bricks, pavers & cladding offer the highest possible fire resistance in Australia
  • It’s impervious to termites and rot, is bulletproof and can be nailed and screwed into like timber. 
  • Timbercrete is a proudly Australian idea. Our bricks, pavers & cladding hold international patents granted throughout the world.  It has trademark protection.


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