Be A Blessing

Peter & Judi's personal mission statement

Peter & Judy Collier"I believe Timbercrete is a product that was given to me by inspiration from God at a time of desperate financial and personal need.”

Initially the product invented was only meant for building our own house, but huge public demand led us down the path of patenting the product and developing an effective manufacturing process. We felt that both the process of manufacturing, as well as the profit from selling the product, was something that could be of great blessing both to us personally as well as to others who needed a financial breakthrough, as we once did.

We believe that we could assist others in several ways:

  1. CUSTOMERS: Timbercrete customers, world-wide, will have access to an environmentally friendly, aesthetically attractive, energy efficient and competitively priced building material.

  2. FRANCHISEES: We have been approached by many others who wish to be involved in the business opportunity potential. This led to the development of the Timbercrete franchise. With diligence and application our franchisees have the potential for a level of prosperity that may not otherwise have been available to them. Many of our franchisees also support charitable endeavours and are keen to see positive change in society and in the environment.

  3. LIMITED LICENSES: On various occasions, we have issued “limited licenses” (in consultation with the local franchisee) for specific projects, allowing non-profit organisations to manufacture their own Timbercrete blocks at very low prices. Some examples of this include a large assembly hall at a College in Brisbane, a house built by Habitat for Humanity in Cowra, NSW, and assisting the Aboriginal community in a micro enterprise in Western Australia.

We are excited to consider that Timbercrete has now grown into a multi faceted product with many unique advantages and positive environmental qualities. This product that began as an inspirational thought at a time of great need has the potential to significantly improve and change the building industry as we know it and help to make the world a greener and cleaner place.

We are also thrilled to move into a time where we can offer the opportunity to manufacture Timbercrete to large business and organisations which will ensure the growth and availability of the product throughout the world and raise the funds for our charitable and third world vision.

Peter and Judi Collier.