Custom Bricks

Timbercrete is the only brick and panel manufacturing company that prides itself on being able to produce “custom-designed bricks, blocks and panels”.

Architects, Designers and Creative Builders are now able to employ their artistic and creative abilities to design unique and novel product specifications.

Custom Brick means; the size (dimensions), shape, colour and texture can be specified. There are obvious limitations but if you have an idea let us hear it, we can most likely achieve it.

Your building project can be “the first of its kind”! Why follow the masses with cookie cutter products?

The Timbercrete method of manufacturing lends itself to variations without exorbitant setup costs. While there will be a cost for new mould construction, as one would expect, but the creative rewards are certainly worth the small investment.

By way of example, one of our clients specified a long narrow brick varying in length and texture, we have called this series the “Tri-Modular Brick”.

Tri-Modular Brick

In Timbercrete’s commitment to be creatively different, the new Tri-Modular Brick Series uses varying textures and lengths to create stunning effects.

As the name suggests, the Timbercrete Tri-Modular Brick can be laid with three different facial textures revealing either:

  • A Rustic Sandstone/Limestone Finish
  • A Terrazzo Stone Finish
  • A Smooth Subtle-Textured Finish

The Tri-Modular Brick is totally unique in that it comes in three different lengths creating a beautiful staggered joint appearance. The bricks can be laid randomly or in an ordered fashion. The varying lengths and textures of these bricks create a spectacular new look. Mortar joints can be flushed, ironed or raked.

The Tri-Modular Bricks are available in:

  • Veneer Brick for traditional methods
  • Full Brick (double brick or cavity brick) construction

Artistic Variations

The artistic variations of this brick series are almost limitless. For example, bricks of various lengths can be randomly laid up-right as a soldier brick. Due to the fact that the bricks work in modular measurements, they can easily be laid horizontally or vertically without interfering with the course bond.

A Winning Combination

Timbercrete is the first brick/block company that has adopted a holistic approach to significantly reducing pollution and trapping carbon gas. This is achieved by selecting waste materials that are potentially high in CO2 gases, such as timber waste and other cellulose material. The carbon emissions from these cellulous waste products are trapped in a cementitious tomb.

The result is an environmentally ideal building product with greater insulation (R-value), combined with high thermal mass. The combined outcome results in an environmentally superior product.


Timbercrete is an insulating light weight masonry product that stores many tonnes of carbon gas. The manufacturing process also requires much less energy (lower embodied energy) to produce and is far less pollutant than clay fired bricks. The outcome is a cleaner and healthier environment.

Improved Insulation

Having improved insulating properties means that thermally your house will always perform better and be more comfortable in summer and winter, compared with other denser masonry products of the same thickness, such as fired clay bricks or concrete blocks. Choosing Timbercrete will save you money on your energy bills.

Building Made Easy

The Tri-Modular Brick Series makes building easy for the builder and bricklayer. The lighter weight, unique dimensional proportions and size, makes building easier. The unique length and weight of each brick will make bricklaying significantly faster and more cost-effective per m2.

Low Maintenance

Timbercrete blocks are durable, maintenance-free, they do not need to be painted and repainted, nor are they fragile like plasterboard walls, and they are literally bullet-proof. Timbercrete’s low maintenance and durable quality makes it the ideal choice for homes, schools, commercial buildings, investment and rental properties.