Mud Brick Alternative

A mud brick style alternative with improved insulating and thermal qualities plus superior erosion resistance and structural capabilities.

Module (increment) size (brick +1 mortar joint): 400 mm long by 250 mm wide by 142 mm high.

Timbercrete is proud to introduce our “Mud Brick Alternative”. The traditional mud brick has been around for hundreds of years with its unique size and shape. While mud bricks are popular in developing countries as well as those with a passion for environmentally friendly earthy products.

Unfortunately traditional mud bricks can come with inherent pitfalls including; erosion, poor insulation, cracking and structural issues.

Timbercrete provides a more sophisticated approach to organic environmentally friendly building products. It has a proven track record in a vast array of varying climatic conditions with thousands of homes constructed in some very severe climates throughout Australia, New Zealand and the USA. We have had two decades to refine our products to meet varying structural and environmental demands.

Some of the benefits of choosing Timbercrete over traditional mud bricks are:

  • improved thermal resistance (R value) due to its lower density of approximately 1.1 kg/L
  • Improved erosion resistance due to the high strength binders within the mix design.
  • Improved load-bearing and structural performance due to increased MPa.
  • Improved workability and resilience allowing a product to be nailed or screwed directly into.
  • Improved environmental benefits achieved by a superior thermal dynamic as well as acting as a carbon sink due to the high percentage of organic carbonaceous material (such as timber waste and the like).
  • Improved fire rating due to its thermal insulation and Timbercrete’s ability to withstand thermal shock.

Most mud bricks need to be bagged or rendered in order to provide protection against erosion and water penetration. While Timbercrete is an ideal substrate for bagging or rendering it is not necessary saving you both time and money.


Timbercrete can also be integrated into a post and beam style construction. This has been done many times with great success by Post & Beam Pty Ltd.  For further information regarding this method of construction or a post beam kit home, contact: David from,