Super Insulator Block

Timbercrete’s new premium range of Super Insulating Blocks are undoubtedly the best choice for environmentally friendly and energy-efficient building.


Increment or Module Size 600mm long x 175mm high x 300mm wide
Actual Size 588mm long x 163mm high x 290mm wide
Mortar joints 12mm thick
Weight 16kg (approximately)
Bricks per m2 9.5
Construction wall type Full Brick (Double Brick) in a single block


In keeping with a growing need for environmentally friendly and energy-efficient houses, Timbercrete is proud to announce the launch of their new Super Insulating Block (patent pending).

Some of the outstanding features of this block include:

Unique Aesthetics

The colour and texture of this block is similar to that of diamond cut sandstone. It’s larger size makes it the biggest single skin block in the marketplace, creating a sturdy and permanent feel, in contrast with commonplace busy little bricks.

Unique Thermal Performance

Simply put, this block will thermally outperform any other brick, block or walling system in the marketplace, setting a new benchmark in insulation with a total value of approximately R4.

At R4 this block does not just provide a superior insulation value, it also adds usable thermal mass to the building structure. Thermal mass is the ability of a product to be able to store thermal energy and then gradually release it slowly into living areas. Thermal mass acts as a thermal bank – the thermal energy that is gained will be able to be drawn on later, resulting in your home maintaining a more stable internal climate. Timbercrete’s Super Insulating Series Block is able to perform outstandingly well because of its unique matrix and composite structure. Casting a 110mm wide high-density styrene slab into the middle of the block, adds to the unique thermal properties of Timbercrete.

The good news is that there is no thermal bridging within this block caused by connecting internal masonry ribs.

Improved Waterproofing Qualities

The 110mm thick styrene slab also creates a waterproof barrier. We also add a waterproofing agent in the mortar joint, followed by an anti-graffiti sealer, providing you peace of mind with regard to water tightness.

A Winning Combination

Timbercrete is the first brick/block company that has adopted a holistic approach to significantly reducing carbon gas emissions. This is achieved by selecting materials that are potentially high in CO2 emissions from timber waste and sequestering or trapping the carbon in a cementitious tomb. The result is an environmentally ideal building product with great insulation (R-value), combined with high thermal mass which reduces your energy bills and provides greater comfort in summer and winter. Add to this the fact that Timbercrete itself stores carbon; a combined outcome which results in an environmentally superior, award-winning, thermally efficient product.


Building Made Easy

All Timbercrete bricks and blocks are lightweight and can be screwed and nailed into just like timber. Even though our super insulated block is significantly larger than a hollow core concrete block, it is no heavier. Timbercrete’s super insulating series only requires 9.5 blocks/m2 for a full brick wall compared with 100 bricks/m2 for clay bricks, and yet the wall weight of Timbercrete is 2.5 times lighter than solid clay bricks.

Each block has a cavity that is able to accommodate all types of vertical and horizontal running services including; water pipes, electrical conduits, fibre-optic cables, tie down rods and TV cables etc.

Low Maintenance

Timbercrete blocks are durable, low maintenance, they do not need to be painted and repainted, nor are they fragile like plasterboard walls, and they are literally bullet-proof. Timbercrete’s low maintenance and durable quality makes it the ideal choice for schools, commercial buildings, investment or rental properties and the like.

Some specialty blocks include:

  • A Corner Block that is designed to accommodate concrete core filling and a steel rod
  • A Vertically Reinforced Block, which also accommodates core filling and a steel rod. This block is laid periodically in the wall if required and is ideal for basements or homes built in cyclonic conditions
  • A Half Block
  • A 100 mm wide Veneer Brick, with a choice of 3 facial textures; smooth faced sandstone (an exact match to the single skin super insulating block) or a textured faced sandstone, and Cobblestone Series. They can be used for internal walls or as a veneer brick, double brick (full brick) or laid parallel to each other creating a trough on the top of a single skin block wall (a bond beam course). The bond-beam trough can accommodate concrete and steel providing a cavity measuring 90mm wide x 172mm deep.

The new Timbercrete Super Insulating Series Block is the ideal and obvious choice for the environmentally discerning
builder and home owner, where beauty and performance really matters. It is simply “the best” and Timbercrete’s “top of
the range single skin block/double brick wall system.”