Cobblestone Series -
Medium 120mm Veneer

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Handcrafted beauty should not cost the earth. Build something uniquely beautiful and environmentally friendly..

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bricks pavers cladding

bricks pavers cladding

bricks pavers cladding

The 120mm thick Cobblestone Veneer Series is a popular series and its unique appearance represents our signature brick/block style. Each block is individually hand crafted, with slight variations of curved faces and dimensions inherent in the handmade process. This variation is intentional in order to create the unique cobblestone appearance, with the charm and character of the old world. The mortar thickness will also reflect this variation, ranging from 10mm to 20mm.

This medium size (120mm thick) cobblestone veneer block shares the same external surface measurements as its 200mm thick single skin counterpart (see measurements below).

Timbercrete 120mm double brick walls (also called full brick walls), with optional insulation in the cavity provides an ideal thermally efficient wall. Timbercrete acts as an excellent thermal bank because of its ability to be able to store thermal energy, while the cavity with its insulation will act as a thermal break preventing heat or cold transference through the wall. It will also provide better thermal comfort in extreme weather conditions than its 200mm thick single skin counterpart, however there will be extra initial costs for the double brick wall.

All the Timbercrete veneer series can be used as a drop-in replacement for veneer clay or concrete blocks in the do-it-yourself Basix energy assessment programme. This should save money as you will not need an independent expert energy assessment appraisal.

As with all veneer bricks, the cavity will provide a mechanical water proof barrier. It will also provide a space for bulk insulation and a reflective vapour barrier thus increasing the total R value (insulating quality) of your wall.


Timbercrete is an insulating light weight masonry product that stores many tonnes of carbon di-oxide gas. The manufacturing process also requires much less energy (lower embodied energy) to produce and is far less pollutant than clay fired bricks. The outcome is a cleaner and healthier environment.

Improved Insulation

Having high insulating properties means that thermally your house will always perform better and be more comfortable in summer and winter, compared with other denser masonry products of the same thickness, such as fired clay bricks or concrete blocks.
Choosing Timbercrete will save you money on your energy bills.


Increment or Module Size 400mm long X 175mm high
Actual Size 388mm long X 160mm high X 120mm wide
Mortar joints 10mm to 20mm thick
Weight 8kg (approximately)
Bricks per m2 13.6
Construction wall type Veneer Brick Walls or Full Brick Walls (Double Brick)