Environmental Policy Statement

Timbercrete recognizes that it is the responsibility of each person and each company to take its part in being committed to sound environmental management. Our goal is to ensure that Timbercrete facilities are in compliance with national, state and local environmental standards. We choose to be a leader and a participant in sustainable and environmental manufacturing. Our goal is to use our standard of manufacturing and our product’s sustainable attributes to help create a paradigm shift about “green thinking”. Timbercrete believes that to be a ‘green’ or ‘sustainable’ company means not only creating an environmentally sustainable product, but to manufacture in a sustainable way, as we provide Australian made products for local economies.

These goals require each Timbercrete Facility and Timbercrete employee to participate in and accept responsibility for achieving the following goals:

  • Operation of our facilities in an environmentally sound manner.
  • Conservation of raw materials and reduction in the amount of waste generated – by creating the most efficient and effective process, safe handling of materials, and excellent craftsmanship.
  • Using local products whenever possible to cut down on transportation and to grow local economies.
  • Continually look for new ways to reduce the pollutive energy consumption and carbon footprint of each facility and reduce the embodied energy of the Timbercrete product.

Commitment to these goals includes the following specific elements:

  • Timbercrete facilities will operate in compliance with environmental laws and regulations.
  • Timbercrete will train employees in the performance of their duty to fulfill these environmental policies.
  • The company and local franchisees will monitor operations through regular inspections to help assure that practices in our facilities conform to our policies.

Each Timbercrete facility is expected to manage its activities in a manner that will achieve the goals of this Environmental Policy. Each Timbercrete employee is expected to work toward these goals and is encouraged to advise his or her supervisor promptly of any situation that may be in conflict with this Policy.