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In the unfortunate event of a flood, your home will have a significantly greater chance of survival when built with Timbercrete bricks & blocks.

Home destroyed by flood

Flood-damaged internal walls

Timbercrete is pleased to announce that it has several products that are ideally suited for internal or external wall construction in flood prone areas. Timbercrete, being a masonry product is not destroyed by submersion in water nor does it dissolve or rot, unlike timber frames or plasterboard. Muddy waters can easily be washed off leaving the walls like new.

Homes built in flood prone areas need to be constructed with products that are not affected by water damage and in a manner that is structurally adequate to withstand the surge and force of water with floating debris. As witnessed in recent flood devastations, many commonly adopted forms of building structures were tragically washed away.

Timbercrete walls offer exceptional bracing values and lateral strength and has a unique resilience that is unmatched by any other masonry wall system, making it the ideal choice when building or rebuilding after floods. It is the only masonry wall system tested in earthquake simulation tests in New Zealand that is proven to withstand contortion forces of earthquakes. It is not brittle like clay fired bricks or concrete, and it’s resilient (semiflexible) nature provides a number of unique advantages.

When rebuilding, Timbercrete can easily be nailed and screwed into just like timber, making the connecting of shelves, pictures and other fixtures a breeze.

Timbercrete is so resilient that it is even bullet-proof, while other masonry products shatter or explode when exposed to a various array of weaponry. It remains bullet-proof even when subjected to a powerful .50 calibre armour piercing projectile. Tests have demonstrated such projectiles will only penetrate to a depth of 50mm with a small entry point hole.

Timbercrete has a range of different types of wall systems suitable for flood prone areas that include full brick (double brick with cavity), as well as partially or fully reinforced single skin Timbercrete masonry walls.

Single skin (single leaf) walls can be constructed at varying thickness of 200mm, 250mm or 300 mm wide. These wall systems can be partially reinforced or fully reinforced if required. When building or rebuilding consult your engineer for advice as to which of the Timbercrete product range is most suitable for your unique application.

Of all our single skin product range our premium product is the Super Insulating Series (refer to website product range for a fact sheet PDF download). This large single skin block measures 600mm long, 300mm wide and 162mm high or (175mm including the mortar joint) and can be fully reinforced with high MPA concrete if required. The Super Insulating Series boasts a total R value of R3.7 as well as providing very good thermal mass (the ability to store thermal energy and then release it slowly).