Smoothstone - Medium

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A clean lined sandstone appearance at a fraction of the cost of natural sandstone, with significantly improved insulation.





The Medium Smoothstone Series is uniform in shape and size. It has an appearance similar to that of smooth cut sand stone, Western Australian Limestone or Travertine. Like sandstone and limestone it often displays subtle natural colour variations, or induced variations using colour oxides of your choice.

These blocks are very similar in their dimensions to the Medium Size Cobblestone Series, however being straight sided the finished product has a more formal clean line look than the Rustic Cobblestone Series.

The Medium Smoothstone Series is available in:

  • Blocks (200mm thick), for single-leaf (single skin) load bearing frame-free construction
  • Veneer Blocks (100mm and 120mm thick), for traditional veneer and full brick construction

The single skin and the 120mm wide blocks both share the same external measurements, and clever internal cavity to accommodate all forms of vertical and horizontal running services such as electrical conduits, water pipes, cables for TV, cables for telephone or computer lines and cavities for tie down rods etc. The range of specialty blocks adds to the ease of construction.


The Medium Smoothstone Series is ideal for people who have “champagne taste on a beer budget.” Unlike sandstone or limestone Timbercrete is far more cost effective per square metre, it is far lighter and easer to build with and offers a far superior insulation value.

Features and Benefits

The Medium Smoothstone Series shares all the features and benefits of its cobblestone brother only it has a flat face rather than a protruding cobblestone face. Some of these features include:

  • Ease of maintenance, walls are not easily damaged and therefore do not need repairing or re-painting.
  • Walls can be nailed or screwed into directly. This means that attaching shelving, or hanging paintings or curtains etc, is incredibly simple.
  • For a list of all the other features and benefits refer to the information sheets on the Cobblestone Series (120mm and 200mm thick).



Timbercrete is an insulating light weight masonry product that stores many tonnes of carbon di-oxide gas. The manufacturing process also requires much less energy (lower embodied energy) to produce and is far less pollutant than clay fired bricks. The outcome is a cleaner and healthier environment.

Improved Insulation

Having high insulating properties means that thermally your house will always perform better and be more comfortable in summer and winter, compared with other denser masonry products of the same thickness, such as fired clay bricks, sandstone or concrete blocks. Choosing Timbercrete will save you money on your energy bills.

Specifications - Single Skin Block 200mm

Increment or Module Size 400mm long x 175mm high
Actual Size 388mm long x 163mm high x 190mm wide
Mortar joints 12mm thick
Weight 12.7kg (approximately)
Bricks per m2 14.3
Construction wall type Single Skin (Single Leaf)

Specifications - Veneer Block 100mm or 120mm

Increment or Module Size 400mm long x 175mm high
Actual Size 388mm long x 163mm high x 120mm wide (veneer)
Mortar joints 12mm thick
Weight 8kg (approximately)
Bricks per m2 14.3
Construction wall type Veneer Brick Walls or Full Brick (Double Brick)