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TimbercreteŽ home owner, Jan Mc Ewan

Dear Joy & Jeff

I have been living in my Timbercrete house for 3 years and have enjoyed every moment.

After having lived in many houses here and in Melbourne (timber, solid brick, brick veneer, cement brick, etc) I have no hesitation in saying that Timbercrete is the most comfortable building product that I have experienced – the insulation qualities; warm in winter, cool in summer, the ease of being able to hammer or screw directly into the brick, the appealing ambience the natural brick gives, and of course the interest and positive reaction that is given from all who see my house.

I believe that councils and builders should be encouraged to recommend Timbercrete, together with all aspects of building environmentally sustainable houses. My only regret is that I took so long to build, as I heard about Timbercrete in about 2000.

Yours Faithfully, Jan Mc Ewan

Timbercrete® home owner - Kurrajong NSW

“As an Architect I am always on the lookout for new and improved building materials.  When it came to building my own home I selected Timbercrete® not only because it satisfied a number of technical requirements, but also because it provided aesthetics that were unavailable in any other viable construction medium.” 

® home owner - Judy Collier, Bilpin NSW

Our new home felt cozy and welcoming even before it was furnished due to the texture and colour of the Timbercrete® walls.  An extremely common comment made by people, especially women, visiting our home for the first time is “This is the sort of home I want to build!”. 

®  home owner - John Bryant, Berambing, NSW

“Our Post & Beam Pty Ltd kit home represented my first owner-builder experience.  Even though the walls are not load bearing and usually constructed from mud brick, I chose Timbercrete for a variety of reasons, including quality and aesthetics. I was impressed with every aspect of Timbercrete during the building process, and even more impressed now that I have lived in the house since 2001.  Visitors often assume we are running either heating or air-conditioning, when in fact we are not.  The home retains winter warmth far better than our previous full-brick home, and also remains cooler in summer.  The thermal qualities are fantastic." 

Timbercrete® home  owner - Rob Porteous (carpenter), Bilpin, NSW

“I decided to personally build my own Timbercrete® home.  I’m no Brickie, but I decided to do all my own block laying.  By following a few simple rules I ended up with a great result, and the overall aesthetics are impressive.  The blocks are very robust and easy to work with; they are very easy to cut, drill and nail.  I was on a really strict budget and I reckon Timbercrete® has allowed me to create a top quality home at an incredibly low cost.”

Montessori School Saves with Timbercrete®

Second building…

The first classroom in building 2 is finished and inhabited.

It is a fantastic environment – the children love it, the teacher loves it and as parents we love it because we know our children are learning in the very best environment possible. The school bursar loves it because there are no air conditioning costs at all (we were so confident that the building would perform so well, we didn’t install one) and the heating costs will be absolutely minimal. The second building would rate just over 8 stars if the FirstRate Energy rating system went that far (we are extrapolated the curve to understand exactly how energy efficient that building would be).

The Timbercrete on the second wing is complete (on Tuesday).
We (Maurice actually) are doing the gable end on the third wing now. The Timbercrete will be finished by the end of next week (YES!). The roofers are hanging around waiting impatiently and the whole thing should be well and truly finished by the end of March.

You seriously have to do something about the energy rating of Timbercrete. It does not do justice to your product.

We have had so many parents comment about the coolness of the buildings in summer when they pick up their children in the afternoon – and we got some aspects of that first building seriously wrong! In winter the building performs very well – we run slab heating overnight and that should keep the building warm all day. We did not include air locks in the first building and that causes some issues in the winter (because the kids are in and out of the classrooms all day long). We also installed aluminium framed windows which was a huge thermal mistake. Taking those two problems into account, the winter performance is extraordinary.

The awards… we were finalists in the Sustainable Schools Champion Award in 2003, 2004 and 2005. I didn’t put in an entry in 2006 – I was too tired! The competition is run by the Faculty of the Built Environment, University of NSW. We are an exemplar school with CERES. From a sustainability viewpoint, our school starts where most schools aim to finish.

Lyn Beinat
School Building Project Manager and School Parent

Timbercrete® home owner - John and Gill Nuyten, Blackmans Bay, Tas.

Late in 2006 our designer suggested that we investigate Timbercrete® bricks for a house that we wanted to build in Blackmans Bay.

At our first meeting with Geoff and David in Margate we were impressed with the appearance of these hand-made bricks and with the fact that we could select a colour and design to suit our specific requirements.

As important were the insulation properties of the product - nearly four times the thermal and sound protection of standard house bricks.

Through a test phase Geoff and David provided the highest level of service. Nothing was too much trouble. They even made up several samples of mortar so that we could judge the right colour to give us the end look that we were after. They also arranged a bricklayer, Wayne, who has given us similar outstanding service and willingness to meet our individual needs. All this has been much more than we might have expected from a regular masonry supplier.

Now the brickwork has been completed we are even happier. We like the end result.

We extend our thanks to the team at Timbercrete®. We feel sure that they will find wide acceptance in the building industry in Tasmania and that home-owners will come to appreciate the quality of the product, particularly for the superior insulation and the one-off, hand-made finish.

Timbercrete® home owner - Alan and Joy Phillips, Beechworth VIC

We live on a bush block near Beechworth, in the foothills of the Victorian Alps, in an area famous for its natural beauty – and its climate. After three and a half years in our Timbercrete home, we understand how a Timbercrete structure responds to the four seasons here – the extremes of very hot summers, dry autumns, wet, frosty – even snowy – winters and wild and woolly springs.

During summer, with hot weather lasting right into April, our home remains cool. With the assistance of overhead fans, shade devices over the northern and western windows, and internal sun-screen blinds, we manage to live comfortably in 40+ degree weather. Knowing the fire-proof quality of Timbercrete gives us more confidence to face the fire season.

Autumn and winter can bring wet and very cold weather. The temperature indoors remains at a constant 15 degrees, even when it is below freezing outside. Of course the slow combustion heater makes a difference too, but we find Timbercrete helps retain warmth, so our heater doesn’t have to work so hard, and we use less timber than anticipated. We have some wild winds during spring, but Timbercrete’s insulating properties (noise as well as temperature) make home a real haven during storms.

You will see from the photographs that we made the decision to render the Timbercrete blocks, on both internal and external walls. This gives a smoother, less ‘blocky’ look, in keeping with the curving roof lines, while retaining the warmth and unevenness of a hand made product. It also provides a great visual contrast with the corrugated iron cladding on the upper storeys. The textures of Timbercrete, corrugated iron, paving and natural stone blend beautifully with the bush. Indoors, the rendered blocks are a wonderful backdrop for our art collection.

In 2008 our home, built by RW and SM Sharp Home Builders, won the Master Builders Regional Building Award (NE Victoria) for Best Custom Built Home. In 2010, it was nominated for the Indigo Shire Council’s Heritage Awards in the new category of ‘Heritage houses of the future’. The use of Timbercrete as an environmentally friendly and sustainable building product contributed very strongly to the quality of the submissions for these awards.

We love living here, and very much enjoy the changing seasons in our comfortable Timbercrete home. We have also appreciated the interest and follow-up contact from Jeff and Joy Sanderson, of Riverina Timbercrete.

PS – Alan makes welded sculptures, and uses Timbercrete blocks as the base when bronze-welding metal sculptures, because of Timbercrete’s fire-proof qualities!