Texturedstone - Large

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A textured sandstone appearance at a fraction of the cost of natural sandstone, with significantly improved insulation.

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The Large Textured Faced Sandstone Series is uniform in shape and size. It has an appearance similar to that of rough cut limestone or sandstone. It’s dimensions make it the biggest veneer brick in the marketplace. It’s larger size creates a sturdy and permanent feel, in contrast with commonplace, busy little bricks.

The 100mm wide Large Textured Faced Sandstone Series shares the same external dimensions as the Timbercrete Super Insulating Series, making it a veneer or full brick version of the same style of block. This means it can also be used in conjunction with the Single Skin Super Insulating Series for internal walls, maintaining the beautiful large stone appearance throughout your house and increasing the ability of your home to maintain a comfortable uniform temperature.

Specialty Blocks in this series include:

  • A Half Block
  • A Veneer Block which also has a choice of 3 facial textures; textured, cobblestone or smooth (see also Smoothstone information sheet)
    (A Corner Block is also available in a smooth or cobblestone finish only)

A Winning Combination

Timbercrete is the first brick/block company that has adopted a holistic approach to significantly reducing pollution and trapping carbon gas. This is achieved by selecting waste materials that are potentially high in CO2 gases, such as timber waste and the like. The carbon emissions from these cellulous waste products are trapped in a cementitious tomb.

The result is an environmentally ideal building product with greater insulation (R-value), combined with high thermal mass which reduces your energy bills. The combined outcome results in an environmentally superior product.


Timbercrete is an insulating light weight masonry product that stores many tonnes of carbon di-oxide gas. The manufacturing process also requires much less energy (lower embodied energy) to produce and is far less pollutant than clay fired bricks. The outcome is a cleaner and healthier environment.

Improved Insulation

Having high insulating properties means that thermally your house will always perform better and be more comfortable in summer and winter, compared with other denser masonry products of the same thickness, such as fired clay bricks or concrete blocks. Choosing Timbercrete will save you money on your energy bills.

Building Made Easy

All Timbercrete bricks and blocks are lightweight and can be screwed and nailed into just like timber. When compared with a full clay brick wall which requires 100 bricks/m2, Timbercrete’s Textured Faced Sandstone Series only requires 19 blocks/m2, while weighing 2½ times lighter than clay bricks.

Low Maintenance

Timbercrete blocks are durable, maintenance-free, they do not need to be painted and repainted, nor are they fragile like plasterboard walls, and they are literally bullet-proof. Timbercrete’s low maintenance and durable quality makes it the ideal choice for homes, schools, commercial buildings, investment or rental properties and the like.


Increment or Module Size 600mm long x 175mm high
Actual Size 588mm long x 163mm high x 100mm wide
Mortar joints 12mm thick
Weight 8.7kg (approximately)
Bricks per m2 9.5
Construction wall type Veneer Brick Walls or Full Brick Walls (Double Brick)