Texturedstone - Small

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Switching over to a more energy efficient, cost effective and environmentally friendly product has never been easier.

Textured Finish


Timbercrete’s Small Texturedstone Series is a smaller version of its big brother (Large Texturedstone Series). It has a very attractive rugged textured face, with a subtle chamfered edge, giving the appearance of ancient weathered stone. It also has accurate perimeter dimensions creating a uniform appearance with a 12mm mortar joint. Due to the carefully handcrafted process of manufacturing these bricks there are slight variations in colour and texture.

With this beautiful brick your house will look anything but common. This is the ideal brick for those who desire a sandstone/limestone look but are working with a “brick veneer budget”. Due to the unique L-shape of our corner brick, your home will not seem to have a narrow veneer brick appearance.

Colour Range

Our standard colour is sandstone yellow, however we are able to vary the colour with almost limitless possibilities. Bricks can be ordered with a monolithic theme or colours can be blended to taste. (Colour ranges vary between manufacturers.)

Cost Savings

Although this is a larger size than standard clay bricks, the dimensions make it a genuine drop in replacement for clay bricks. The Small Texturedstone Series is exactly twice as high as a standard clay brick and 1½ times as long. The larger size typically results in savings in relation to brick laying costs per square metre. Due to their larger size and low weight these bricks are often a favourite among brick layers. Typically walls will go up faster, using one third the amount of mortar, saving both time and money. Switching over to a more environmentally friendly and energy efficient product has never been easier.


Timbercrete is an insulating light weight masonry product that stores many tonnes of carbon gas. The manufacturing process requires much less energy (lower embodied energy) to produce and is far less pollutant than clay fired bricks. The outcome is a cleaner and healthier environment.

Improved Insulation

Having high insulating properties means that thermally, your house will always perform better in summer and winter compared with other denser masonry products of the same thickness, such as fired clay bricks or concrete blocks. Choosing Timbercrete will save you money on your energy bills.

Speciality Bricks

  • Half brick
  • Corner brick (L-shaped)


Increment or Module Size 360mm long x 172mm high x 100mm wide
Actual Size 348mm long x 163mm high x 100mm wide
Mortar joints 12mm thick
Weight 5.4kg (approximately)
Bricks per m2 16
Construction wall type Veneer Brick Walls or Full Brick Walls (Double Brick)