Large Smooth Stone Hollow Core

This series has exactly the same appearance and measurements as our “Super Insulating Series”, however it does not include the insulating barrier (laminate), but rather, a large hollow core.

Module (increment) size (brick +1 mortar joint):  600 mm long by 300 mm wide by 175 mm high.

This uniquely beautiful block is a more cost-effective alternative to the Super Insulating Series. The benefits are as follows:

  1. It can be structurally augmented in situationsnice where increased structural performance is required.
  2. The design provides a superior bracing value and lateral resistance compared with double brick (or full brick) construction. The improvement in wall strength being a result of three factors:
  • The increased width of 300 mm (compared with a double brick wall of 260 mm wide).
  • The increased surface face dimensions 600 mm (compared with 240 mm).
  • The masonry connecting webs (compared with wire brick ties).
  1. To further augment the structural outcome, the large hollow cavities can be core filled with concrete and steel reinforcing rods. This makes the product ideal for multi-storey construction or concrete and steel reinforced retaining walls.
  2. Construction Time-saving, due to the products larger size walls are erected much faster. Compared with a double clay brick wall, one large hollow core Timbercrete block laid represents 10 standard clay bricks per equivalent area.
  3. No acid cleaning required. Clay masonry products (face bricks) are typically acid cleaned after installation, however all cement masonry products such as Timbercrete are not acid cleaned, but brushed cleaned and pointed as they are laid.
  4. Highest possible fire rating of FRL 240/240/240.The Timbercrete smooth Stone Hollow core series creates an expensive sandstone/travertine appearance at a fraction of the cost.

It has a unique and excellent thermal performance, because of its ability to be able to store thermal energy (thermal mass), while also providing a much higher insulation (R value) when compared with other more dense clay or concrete products.

The increased width of this block combined with the large internal cavity and thermal performance of Timbercrete results in a thermally efficient wall system, cooler in summer and warmer in winter.

Standard Hollow Core

Open End with Trough

 Closed End with Trough